Thursday, September 30, 2010

Being sexually dominated

Throughout my sexual history, I have been pretty much a submissive female.

Naturally, I enjoy being grabbed, controlled, and placed into a sexual position. I love a man to take control of me. Grabbing my head and kissing me deep. Sucking on my tongue and continuing till I am completely out of control and cumming just from a kiss. Biting down my neck to the top of my shoulder and holding me with their teeth till I collapse from the feeling of sheer pleasure. Pushing my head toward their cock and me taking it deep in my mouth. Gagging on the thrust of a hard cock deep into the depths of my throat. Filling my mouth with saliva and making me squirt all over just from the action of my throat.

My wet pussy craving his cock as he throws me on the bed. Feeling that first thrust deep into me. Making me moan and open up for the hard manhood that is engrossing my body. Tightening my pussy around his cock as he thrusts in and out of my pussy. Making me cum so hard that I cannot even squirt. Keeping his cock deep in me as my body tries to push his cock out so I can release the cum built up inside of me. He continues to thrust with even more passion and strength to overpower my natural urges. Forcing me to cum to the point where I lose all control. Giving him my total body. Not having any strength or power to comprehend what is happening. I am in total ecstasy. Finally pushing myself away so that I can just breath. Continuing to feel the pulsating inside my pussy. Releasing all the cum that has been building within my body. I squirt the juices that have been trying to escape....

This is just the beginning of my sexual experience....hours of pure ecstasy.