Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Embrace the Cock"

I have an opinion that if all women would look at a man's penis as a toy then they would enjoy it so much more. My saying that women should "embrace the cock" actually came from chatting with a fan. He and I talked a lot about how his wife was not as open and how he has tried everything to get her into sex more. The whole saying came from me telling him he should hang a sign on his front door that says, "Embrace the Cock". I told him that it is a process. Most women have grown up believing they are not to be aggressive or open to new experiences sexually. I was never talked to about sex where my brother was. I looked at sex as if it were not dirty but not discussed either. This being the case, I was not always open to new ideas. Don't get me wrong, I was always a sexual person. I loved sexual feelings. Whether it be masturbating in the shower or in the bathroom privately or meeting men and having one night stands. I never felt it was wrong but was not open to discussing. Most women have that stigma.

So, my theory is this. I believe that women need to change their way of looking at a man's penis. Men are very much voyeuristic. They have always looked at a woman while having sex with them. Women for the most part are more self-conscience about watching. I know in the past if I opened my eyes during sex it would be a peak so that my partner did not know I was looking. I guess I always felt like I could not enjoy that part. I felt like that was taboo and I would be seen as kinda freaky by the guy I was with. Well that is completely wrong! Women are not afraid to look at their dildo. Grab it, lick it, stroke it, rub it against themselves, and then fucking themselves with it hard. Why not look at an actual penis that way?

Well of course after many years of marriage and living in a lifestyle where most people enjoy watching sex, my opinions have changed. Women need to feel the confidence to let their partner know they are watching. They are enjoying what they see and are letting go of those stigma.

Sexually women need to look at a cock as simply a toy. One definition of a toy is a playful or amusing act; diversion; pastime. Well if you are not talking about having sex for reproduction....then I would consider sex very much toy-like. It is an amusing act, a diversion from real life, and should certainly be a pastime. Women should not only see themselves as pleasuring a man but pleasuring themselves. Many women do not take the time nor emotional effort to let go and just enjoy themselves to the fullest. I know I did not in the past.

Ever since I have "Embraced the Cock", I have been a much happier and confident woman. I have realized that women are in control of the man's sexual experience. We can make or break it. Sex should be about fun and enjoying the sexual feelings and pleasure. Women should open up their own bodies and mind's to dismiss emotion and feel just raw sexual pleasure. A feeling that for me that will have to be explained in future blogs.

I do believe that as a man, you must make the effort to help your wife see the sexy woman that she is. You must be patient and honest and you must be willing to give her the time to learn who she is. See that she is a powerful creature and she can have the freedom to express herself sexually and open up to physical feelings that she has never experienced.....Trust me it will be worth it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Search for Single Males

As you probably already know, MrSiren & I are always on the hunt for single males that we can use for film or play. Hehe! I am always looking for a good single male that can satisfy my needs. I am quite insatiable. MrSiren loves watching me fuck other men so we are always searching. We have had many really cool kick ass guys become really good friends and lovers for me. We have also had many more that were duds. Sorry to say but there are so many guys out there that will send old pics, chicken out, lie about themselves, or just plain right cannot perform. It is quite a task to find the guys that will work out. We have learned over the years that we have to be very specific in our ads to find single males. We do use Craigslist as well as a local swingers site to meet new guys. As you can imagine when posting and ad on CL...if you are not specific then you will get everyone under the sun. From those who think we are SPAM to those who will respond every single time for the last 3 years with the same pics. Come on guys...we are very intelligent folks. We do remember your face or faded cock pic from 20 years ago. What do you think will happen when we do choose you and you actually have to come to the door? I don't know but I do not have the balls to just show up and not be who I said I was. Find it very interesting....