Monday, March 29, 2010

First Couple...

Yesterday I blogged about my first time in the LS and tonight I thought I would write about my first experience with a so in the LS. lol. Starts with a really good friend from HS. She and I have been friends since we were 14 years old. We spent lots of time together as teenagers and always had a lot of fun. She ended up married at age 17 with her 1st baby on the way. We kept in touch after HS off and on. By the time we actually started spending time again she was on her 3rd hubby. She is a beautiful sexy blonde...her hubby is 10 years younger than her. She and I started spending lots of time together going out on GIRLS NIGHT, working out together, hanging out with our fams. My hubby went out with them a couple of times to "vanilla" bars and hung out. They are not swingers but she has always seemed to be very curious about the whole thing. One night we decided to have them over for drinks and to hang out in the hot tub. We had no intentions of hooking up with them. We all had quite a bit to drink and she and I started dancing on the back porch in our swimsuits. She whispered to me that we should kiss each other just to freak the boys out. Well, I knew it would not freak out MrSiren but her hubby I guess. We started making out and it was a lot of fun. MrSiren was all eyes and really into it. Her hubby...not so much. He just kept talking about his "uncle's farm"...LMAO.

We decided then to take it to the hot tub. We all threw off our clothes and hopped in. Her hubby sat against the side and was obviously a little nervous. Again, she and I started kissing. She ended up fingering me while I fingered her in the hot tub. I went over to MrSiren and started kissing him while still playing with her. She went over to her hubby and we both started making out with our men. It got very hot and steamy in the hot tub.

We took it into the living room and ended up fucking our own hubbies on the couches in front of each other. MrSiren being the instigator that he is...pushed me over behind her as she was riding her hubby and I started kissing her while my hubby fucked me. I then started kissing on her ass and licking her as she rode her hubby. It was FUCKING HOT.

Unfortunately, her hubby never moved from the couch. She did all the work riding him and sucking him while MrSiren and I fucked all over the room. At the end of the night, they went home as if nothing happened. I did get a call from her later that week saying that it was just too much for them and that they could just never SWAP.

I know that she wants it but he could just not handle it. I do understand and I don't make any judgements. He is far too jealous to be part of the LS but sad that she will never have the chance to experience the openness and excitement that comes along with being part of this life.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Time...

So, I have decided to get back to writing about how I got into this alternative LS called "swinging". After looking into the LS we decided that the 1st time should be a MFM experience. I had never been with another man since my hubby and I had been married. I am not one to cheat so I would have never considered this until we had agreed upon it. We had chatted with the SM we chose for a few weeks and decided it would be best to ask him to come to our place for our 1st "play" date. I was extremely nervous needless to say so I did have to get myself a little comfy. I drank a bit before he came over and quite a bit once he got there. We spent a lot of time hanging out on the back porch talking and then decided we would all get into the hot tub. He had brought his swim trunks since he was not sure what was going to happen either. LOL. We all got into the hot tub with swim trunks on but that did not last long. Of course, MrSiren being the instigator that he is, began rubbing and kissing on me and offering to our SM friend to do whatever he liked. They both began grabbing, rubbing, kissing all over me. Taking off my swimsuit. I was kissing my hubby while our friend was fingering me in the hot tub. He is a foot guy so he was rubbing on my feet too. It was wild and crazy but with the alcohol loosing things up for me and me just totally enjoying the moment it was VERY HOT! MrSiren left to get a drink and went inside. Since I was so into the moment, I kept on going with it. Next thing I know, I am hitting my head on the steps of the hot tub while our friend is fucking me like crazy. It was wild. I can say there was a lot more to the evening but due to the length of the blog and the alcohol clouding the experience. All I can say is that there is a running joke for the last few years that "I can't feel my teeth" is the sign that I have had enough alcohol to let all my inhibitions go and fly with the moment. Turned out to be an amazing experience and we have not turned back since.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My 1st DVD in the Adult Biz

So, I know all of you have been dying to know about how my time went in Tampa, FL with NaughtyAlysha. I was so excited and nervous about going to meet Alysha & Adam (her hubby). We left on Friday morning and headed to Tampa...once we landed we waiting at baggage for them to arrive.

They picked us up in their SUV and they were exactly what I had hoped they would be. Very down to earth and the most kick ass people I had ever met. We talked all the way to the condo we were staying in. They let MrSiren & I have some time alone to chill after our trip and we planned to start shooting our 1st scene that evening. MrSiren & I walked around and decided to go have some drinks at Bahama Breeze. What a cool place. That evening Alysha & Adam came back and brought all their equiptment. OMG...I was in Toy Heaven. She had the biggest collection of dildos I had ever seen...not to mention the biggest dildos I had ever seen. I was WAY EXCITED!

Alysha told me to pick some out and we got dressed for our 1st scene together. I was a little nervous but she was so cool that the nervousness went away and we had so much fun doing to 1st scene together.

After a short break, we shot the 2nd scene and it was my turn with the toys on my own. I had such a good time trying out all those amazing dildos. Trust me the water works were on...hehe!

The next day we started shooting in the afternoon and wanted to get our work done quickly so we could have some play time. The 3rd scene was also with me on my own but this time I decided to get brave and go for some bigger toys...WOW! Shot that scene on the kitchen cabinet and I know it turned out extremely HOT!

The 4th scene was shot on the stairs and uh-oh Adam got shot in the camera when I squirted so much. You know I was liking it and think he kinda enjoyed it himself.

The last scene was with Alysha & me and damn it was the best. I am so not going to reveal all the cool things we got to do together. You will just have to find out when the DVD comes out in the next couple of months.....

It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to do it again!!!!! Thanks my sexy friend NaughtyAlysha and her wonderful man for a great time!