Monday, May 10, 2010

From teacher to adult entertainer

As many of you know, I used to be a teacher. I went to college and earned a BA in Education and taught for 5 years. I loved teaching and the children however I was never one to be a "yes maam" kinda girl. I was never one to not push the envelope nor just go with the norm for the sake of being politically correct. I do not judge others. I am not prejudice nor a racist. I found in my teaching career that even though I always chose to teach in lower economic schools that the administration was just the opposite of me. They did judge, they were prejudice, and they were racist even though they tried to hide it under the idea they were politically correct. I believed that all children had an equal chance however they had to follow rules and learn to become good citizens. Unfortunately, the school where I taught last did not follow their own rules and only cared about numbers not children or teaching.

So anyway, off my high horse about teaching. Since I was so disheartened in the system, I was miserable. I became a social worker rather than a teacher. At my lowest time, I had a friend who told me about the career she had chosen. She knew that in my personal life, I was a wild child. I was the one dancing on the bar, fucking in public, fucking at swingers clubs, and being a total exhibitionist. That was just me. I found myself thinking about my lifestyle experiences all the time. I found that a fellow teacher friend had delved into the lifestyle and we spent hours talking about it on a daily basis. I wanted to share my crazy experiences. I wanted to tell her about meeting my "boy toy" at the pharmacy down the street during lunch and fucking him in my van. Then returning to school to teach the kids. I know it was bad. She did the same The world of teaching is a very emotional job with no adult contact so you gotta find it somewhere. Yes, teachers are freaks.

Well, needless to say, I decided over the summer I would give the web cam job a try. See if it was something I liked. I can say from the 1st day, I was hooked. Who could not enjoy chatting with guys who are all over you, getting naked, dancing, and masturbating while getting paid. Hell, I know every guy in this world would choose it if they could. Well, luckily I am a hot woman and it was something I could do and love it. I loved all the attention. It made me feel sexy. It made me feel alive. I made me realize that I was a wanted woman. Someone desired by others. I loved being able to tell my crazy ass stories with others and not feel like I was doing something wrong. I even continued to teach but in a totally different way. I was teaching men how to work their wives to be more open. How to change the way they handled situations. How to make themselves more desirable. It was a very empowering experience which I can say that I continue to love today.

Over the last year, I have now delved into the adult industry. I was contacted by Alysha & Adam and asked to make a DVD with them. I was scared to death...could I do it. Was I the right person for the job? Would I look stupid? I took the plunge like most everything I did these days. Fuck why only live once right? It was the best experience I have had thus far. NaughtyAlysha is one of the coolest people I have ever met. I feel like we are twins separated at She and I had so much in common. We became instant friends. That experience instilled faith in myself that I could move forward with this. I am so excited about new adventures and to see what will come out of all this. So far, I have a new career, my own business, new friends, and a whole new outlook on life. It has been a risk well worth taking and I am willing to take it all the way. Hang's going to be quite a ride.


  1. Congratulations on your newfound role in life - adult entertainer.

    I know a wonderful woman who spent years getting her early childhood education degree, and taught for one year and two weeks before she got tired of the exact bullshit from school administration that you refer to. She had hoped her first year of it was an anomaly, but when she discovered that year two was going to be as ridiculous as the first one, she quit and hasn't looked back (she went into something other than professional fucking, though. lol).

    Anyway, to me it's fun to watch someone discover their sexuality and use it for their own enjoyment and that of others without worrying about the social stigma and all of that garbage. So good luck to you.

  2. wish you were on right now...would love to see you..! love your story..!

  3. Wow...I didn't know you were a teacher and social worker...awesome...I'm a school social worker!

  4. That's so awesome Dee! One will do well, if they do what they love...the "do" pun is intended. LOL I'm totally inspired, but can't quit my job yet. :)

  5. I used to think you were a slutty bitch but not is see things different i think i should get more intact with my sex life this has bean eyeopening for me thank you