Friday, February 19, 2010

Strange Experience....WTH? far my blog has been along the lines of my past experiences and I will be going back to those. I just had to share a crazy ass story with you all.

As many of you know, my hubby loves to watch me have sex with other men. He is completely straight but he is an extreme voyeur. As he says, porn cannot compare to watching your own wife live.

So, we decided to have a new guy come over to fuck me. He said that he had done this before and we were really looking for a bull. Someone who could come in and take control and fuck me the way I like to be fucked. I am a submissive woman in bed and love a man to take control and fuck me hard and deep. I want someone who is well endowed to satisfy me.

We always ask for pics ahead of time and we always verify that the guy is legit before we ask him to our home. So, mrsiren did what he could to verify that this single guy was legit and what I would enjoy.

My rule is that if you are late then it better not be more than 30 minutes or you are not worth it to me. It is not to be bitchy but more as a matter of respect for my time. I don't have tons of extra time and why make a lady wait when she is ready to fuck...hehe! You tell me if you had that chance, wouldn't you show up on time?

So, this guy was already 45 minutes late but had called so we decided to go ahead and give him a chance. I was very horny and hubby was ready to see me fuck. When the SM came to our home, he sat out in his car without coming to the door for at least 10 minutes. Once he finally came in, he introduced himself to my hubby at the door as I sat on the bed dressed in a sexy dress, no panties, and heels. I was ready for some fun.

The guy came into my room and asked my hubby if he could use the restroom. Well of course, no worries there. He looked over at me...pointed his finger and said, "You are beautiful." He then proceeded to go into our master bathroom and shut the door. We could hear the water running and thought, ok he is using the restroom or maybe washing his hands.

After laying in the bed for about 5 minutes, hubby and I started playing with each other. As I said, we were horny. We waited and waited. We could hear cabinets open & close and water running the entire time. We looked at each other like WTF is this guy doing? Of course, I he stealing our meds, is he sick, is he taking a shower? WTH?

My hubby went to the door and knocked asking if he was ok. He said, "Just freshening up." WHAT? For one thing he was in his mid-20's, who says that? We gave him a couple more minutes and then hubby went back to the door and asked again what was going on...the guy said, "Just one more minute."

He came out of the restroom with different clothes on, his hair was wet, and by this time...I had lost all interest. Like I said, I don't wait. He saw that I was smoking a cigarette and said, "Oh, good you smoke." He then asked hubby for a beer or glass of wine. He was told ahead of time that he was coming over to fuck...not to shower and hang out. We did not even know this guy. It was a NSA fuck for fun...nothing more. My hubby told him, "We are not in the mood anymore.." The guy did not even flinch...he said oh ok and turned to me and said..nice to meet you and headed out the door.

It was SO weird. He did not even seem to care I was there. Did he come over to just wash up? Was he even interested? Was he nervous? It was just very creepy & odd. Of course hubby and I had a great time that night together and had a good laugh.

So, that is not the worst part. When I got into the shower the next morning, I picked up my razor and it had lots of black hair in it. Without thinking, I assumed that my hubby had used my razor and asked him not to use it anymore cause now it was dull. He said, "I never use your razors...I did not use it". At that point I realized what had happened. The guy had used my razor to shave his balls. GROSS! He had left all the pubic hair in the razor & it was all under my shaving cream. It was so disgusting. Who the fuck would do something like that?

Totally fucked up...don't you agree? Dude, really...get a fucking life.

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  1. THAT was too funny! I bet he saw how hot you are and wanted to jack off first, so he could live up to expectations...then spilled on his pants and needed the shower so he could get back up. Crazy about the shave! WTH! NEVER make a lady wait! ;)