Saturday, March 27, 2010

First Time...

So, I have decided to get back to writing about how I got into this alternative LS called "swinging". After looking into the LS we decided that the 1st time should be a MFM experience. I had never been with another man since my hubby and I had been married. I am not one to cheat so I would have never considered this until we had agreed upon it. We had chatted with the SM we chose for a few weeks and decided it would be best to ask him to come to our place for our 1st "play" date. I was extremely nervous needless to say so I did have to get myself a little comfy. I drank a bit before he came over and quite a bit once he got there. We spent a lot of time hanging out on the back porch talking and then decided we would all get into the hot tub. He had brought his swim trunks since he was not sure what was going to happen either. LOL. We all got into the hot tub with swim trunks on but that did not last long. Of course, MrSiren being the instigator that he is, began rubbing and kissing on me and offering to our SM friend to do whatever he liked. They both began grabbing, rubbing, kissing all over me. Taking off my swimsuit. I was kissing my hubby while our friend was fingering me in the hot tub. He is a foot guy so he was rubbing on my feet too. It was wild and crazy but with the alcohol loosing things up for me and me just totally enjoying the moment it was VERY HOT! MrSiren left to get a drink and went inside. Since I was so into the moment, I kept on going with it. Next thing I know, I am hitting my head on the steps of the hot tub while our friend is fucking me like crazy. It was wild. I can say there was a lot more to the evening but due to the length of the blog and the alcohol clouding the experience. All I can say is that there is a running joke for the last few years that "I can't feel my teeth" is the sign that I have had enough alcohol to let all my inhibitions go and fly with the moment. Turned out to be an amazing experience and we have not turned back since.

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